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Durham Mediation Centre

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We are ready and available to serve the community. Phone calls and emails will be returned within one business day. Effective March 16, 2020.

Is it possible to separate or end a partnership peacefully?

Yes. Consider Family Mediation.

What is Family Mediation

"A cooperative problem solving process in which a qualified and impartial neutral third party, the mediator, assists mediation participants to resolve their disputes by mutual agreement."

Source: Family Mediation Canada

The truth is ending any type of relationship - marriage, common law or otherwise - can be difficult. It's hard on the children, extended family members, friends and other loved ones. And aside from the practical decisions that need to be made that can often make a difficult situation unbearable.

Family Mediation can Help.

Working with a neutral, qualified third party to assist in the settlement process is a wise, cost effective alternative for parties interested in pursuing the best possible outcome for all involved.

Mediation can help resolve issues such as:

~Separation and Divorce

~Custody and Access Issues


~Property Division

~Disclosure Issues

~Assists with Parenting Plans

Why Family Mediation?

Many people find the adversarial court system an intense and expensive method of formalizing a separation and/or divorce. Family mediation is an effective alternative to the traditional approach - aiming to lower the amount of stress usually associate with the dissolution of a relationship.

A mediator will work with you and the other party, during negotiations, offering suggestions to establish common ground while facilitating communication with the aim of ultimately settling things to everyone's satisfaction.

Upon completion of the mediation process, each party is encouraged to review the final Mediation Agreement - Report - with a lawyer for legalization into a formal separation agreement.

Durham Mediation Center services is government funded and fees are on a sliding scale.

Family Mediation is:



~Affordable (sliding scale)



~Child Focused

The Durham Mediation Centre

Durham Mediation Centre is proud to be a service provider for the Ministry of the Attorney General serving the Durham Region Superior Court of Justice Family Branch and the people of the Durham Region.

Our dynamic team of mediators are experienced professionals with the specialized skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently with families.

Durham Mediation Centre offers affordable fees based on a sliding scale.

For information or to start the mediation process call 905-579-1988

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